Board Meeting Minutes

Board Minutes – Spring/Summer 2021
By Courtney Larson, Secretary

Since our last newsletter, the Board and members met virtually on April 6.  The Board also interacts through email communications.  Board meetings are open to the membership, so participation is always welcome!

Below is a list of some of the topics discussed and decisions made on these Board member calls and via online communications.

The April 6 board meeting involved approving the annual budget and planning the November 2021 conference, among other topics.

Board and committee updates:

  • We welcomed Emily Reed as our newest board member-at-large.
  • CMPS award nominations are still open until June 25. Find out more here.
  • The legislative/conservation affairs committee and the board are thinking about ways to build a database of experts on WY wildlife topics to draw upon for emerging issues, mentorship, etc.

Annual budget:

  • Treasurer Megan Smith has made improvements to the organization and structure of the budget.
  • The board discussed funds for student scholarships, support for the student chapter, and ways to raise money via conference sponsorships, and ultimately approved the budget.

Conference planning:

  • The board is planning on an in-person conference in Jackson in November, while keeping options open for potential COVID-19 contingencies and ways to make conference materials available virtually for those unable to attend in person.
  • The board discussed venue and catering options, and voted to approve moving forward with a venue and to approve the conference budget.
  • Registration rates were set, with lower rates for students and a way for students to receive financial assistance if needed.
  • Planning is underway for the panels, workshops, and social events that will be part of the conference agenda, including ideas for a field techniques workshop aimed at undergraduates. Please feel free to send ideas for keynote speakers, panel topics, and workshops to Aly Courtemanch!

Webinar series:

  • The board made plans for the newly launched WY TWS webinar series that highlights research, management, science communication, wildlife policy, and cultural perspectives relevant to Wyoming. Webinars are held the first Wednesday of each month at noon.
  • The first webinar was on June 2 and featured Jill Randall speaking about big game migration research and management.
  • The next webinar is July 7 featuring Dr. Riley Bernard speaking about North American bat conservation.
  • If you are interested in presenting a webinar, you can submit an abstract to