Jacob Tepsa

4th year Wildlife Ecology & Management student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

“I enjoy getting involved in different natural resources fields including fire ecology and environmental education. As Chair, I facilitate the SDWG Board Meetings and help coordinate the projects that SDWG focuses on while forming partnerships with other organization units across TWS to ensure SDWG remains a resource for student success.”

Laura Young

Laura completed a B.S. in Behavioral Ecology from University California Davis with a minor in Animal Genetics. Her master’s degree in Conservation Biology, focused on the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on carnivores, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation of urban wildlife. Following her masters, her post-graduate research in South Africa focused on habitat selection of warthogs and bush pigs. Laura began her PhD in 2021 focused on geospatial data of mammal ecology. As Chair-Elect of the Student Development Working Group, Laura will continue to advocate on behalf of students throughout the wildlife and natural resource fields and increase access to professional development opportunities and resources.

Michelle Guins

B.S. in Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech, current M.S. student at Christopher Newport University with a thesis studying harbor seals.

“I am passionate about marine biology and conservation of marine species. As Secretary, I am chair of the Communication & Outreach Committee, which manages social media accounts, promoting opportunities for student success. I also manage all communication from our committee and record notes at our board & committee meetings.”

Chase Carey

1st year veterinary student at North Carolina State University, where I also got my B.S. in Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology

“Right now, the majority of my work with SDWG involves the Trailblazer Grant. It is very rewarding to help support diversity and equity efforts in wildlife biology. In addition, I work to manage the SDWG’s budget to ensure we’re appropriately allocating our finances to best support our students through workshops, travel grants, and more.”