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Annual Meeting

The Minnesota Chapter’s 2022 Annual Meeting took place virtually February 22-24. Recordings are available below.


Message from the Chapter President
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A Message from our Chapter President

“Hello and Happy New Year! I am writing today to inform you all that we have made the decision to move the annual conference to a virtual format for this year. We are all unhappy with having to do this, but given infection rates, risk of spread, and the likelihood that many folks would not be allowed to attend an in-person conference we felt it was the best option. Cragun’s has been wonderful and understanding of our situation and we want to thank them for their excellent service and accommodating our changed plans. At this point we have rolled over our reservation until next year and will plan to hold our 2023 conference in Brainerd. Bruce has worked very hard to pull this conference together and this will only add more work for him. With this in mind we may call on a few folks to help out with various aspects of the meeting and hope you are willing to step up. We will have more information for you all as soon as we have it and ask you to be a bit patient as we make this shift.

Thank you all for your understanding and I hope to see you (virtually anyway) in February.



The content presented during the 2022 MNTWS annual meeting does not necessarily reflect the views or core principles of MNTWS or The Wildlife Society.

MNTWS 2021 Awards Ceremony

MNTWS Annual All Members Business Meeting (2/22/2022)

MNTWS Annual Conference Plenary Session (2/22/2022)

MNTWS Annual Conference Platform Presentations (2/23/2022):

Morning Session
Afternoon Session


Annual Meeting Program/Agenda
Plenary Speaker Abstracts
Oral Speaker Abstracts
Poster Abstracts


  1. Mike North. MNDNR. Exploring Detectability of Woodpecker Nests
  2. Mike North. MNDNR. Characteristics of Woodpecker Nest Trees in Minnesota
  3. Mike North. MNDNR. Dispersion of Black-backed Woodpecker Nests Around an Apparent Communal Feeding Area
  4. Reid Siebers. NRRI. Minnesota National Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring Program
  5. Kara Snow et al. NRRI. Nestling ….Nestling Condition and Post-Fledging Survival and Dispersal in Boreal Chickadees
  6. Brett Howland et al. NRRI. Golden-winged Warbler breeding ecology and habitat use
  7. Josh Bednar et al. NRRI. Chippewa NF Hunter Walking Trail Habitat Improvement Project Abstract
  8. Faith James et al. UMD. Evaluating prairie restoration success through small mammal community analysis
  9. Faith James et al. UMD. You are what you eat Exploring the interplay between squirrel foraging dynamics and plastic pollution
  10. Danny Nguyen. et al. Concordia-MHD. The Prevalence of Microplastics in North Dakota Waterfowl
  11. Kimberly C. Shelton et al. BSU. Abundance and Occupancy of Snowshoe Hare Predators on the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Reservation


MNTWS 2021 Awards Ceremony


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