Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage – C.O.W.C.H.

The Minnesota Chapter is working with TWS (main/international) on the COWCH project to interview influential wildlife biologists, educators, managers, and other pioneers who have made a significant contribution to wildlife conservation on a county, state, or national level. The COWCH project was established to document the history and evolution of our profession by interviewing the people who were around when it all started. The list of potential and completed interviews is below. If there is someone that you feel should be interviewed that is not on the list, please feel free to interview them. The MN COWCH Project Coordinator has information about how to conduct an interview, along with a set of questions and a release form. These materials can be sent to anyone interested in completing an interview.  To see interviews visit the National COWCH Project.

The Minnesota Chapter now has a YouTube channel for Chapter COWCH interviews. Watch the interviews here.

Have questions or want more information?
Contact:  Andy Tri  andrew.n.tri@gmail.com

For a list of COWCH interviews completed by the Chapter click here.