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The July/August issue of The Wildlife Professional

Native Wildlife, Native Lands: Indigenous communities play a growing role in conservation and management

Read Now July 9, 2024
July 17, 2024

2024 TWS election results are in

Evelyn Merrill has won the vice presidency while Al Arsenault, Lisa Muller, and Kathy Granillo have been elected to Council

July 16, 2024

Wildlife Vocalizations: Nathaniel Owolawi

Outreach and education can improve conservation knowledge in Nigeria

July 16, 2024

USFWS plans to cull 450,000 barred owls to help native species

Project aims to stymie loss of California and northern spotted owls

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December 26, 2023

JWM: Invasive pythons may affect bobcats in the Everglades

Pythons compete with bobcats for prey

December 21, 2023

U.S. government sets out on first-ever assessment of nature

The effort seeks dozens of authors to contribute to a 2026 report

November 22, 2023

JWM: Wild turkeys may face a tougher future in a warmer world

Climate change may create more difficulties for struggling populations


November 10, 2023

Q&A: A framework for ethics in wildlife management

In a society with competing views of wildlife, should managers be more explicit about the values at stake?

November 9, 2023

TWS 2023: Confronting a changing profession

At TWS’ 30th Annual Conference, wildlifers grappled with shifting priorities

October 31, 2023

Two conservation artists receive ‘Ding’ Darling Memorial Award

Melissa Groo and Erika Coover are being honored for their work

October 4, 2023

New partnership seeks to ‘biobank’ endangered species

The USFWS and others are working with Revive & Restore to preserve genetic material

September 12, 2023

Model shows population trends for 500 bird species

Researchers used artificial intelligence to enhance citizen science

August 31, 2023

Study quantifies greenhouse gas impacts on polar bears

The new research addresses an Interior memo limiting climate considerations