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Wildlife Vocalizations: Anna Brose

Anna Brose shares the excitement and enthusiasm that pushes her past the road bumps she may encounter

Read Now March 21, 2023
Anna Brose holds a bison skull in Yellowstone National Park while doing telemetry checks on collared bison in the park in 2017.
Puerto Rico parrots fly and perch inside an aviary in captivity
March 27, 2023

TWS2022: Reintroduction is boosting Puerto Rico parrot survival

Endangered birds only live in three wild populations on the island

A cinereous vulture stands among griffon vultures.
March 27, 2023

Extirpated vulture returns to Bulgaria

Reintroduced cinereous vultures are breeding in Bulgaria

March 24, 2023

Women in Wildlife Cookout continues a SUNY Cobleskill tradition

Now in its 20th year, the event has worked to welcome women into the field

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December 28, 2022

Q&A: Tony Wasley reflects on his career

When Tony Wasley retires on Dec. 30, he will cap nearly 10 years as the director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife. One of the nation’s longest-serving wildlife directors and...

December 20, 2022

RAWA fails after being left out of spending bill

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act met its end in Congress on Monday night after legislators left it out of the omnibus spending bill. Despite broad bipartisan support that put it...

November 16, 2022

WSB: What if you build it and the cranes don’t come?

As urban development eats away at habitat for the state-threatened Florida sandhill crane, biologists were hoping they could improve the birds’ outlook by improving conditions for them on state lands....

November 3, 2022

TWS Conference to provide ombuds service for the first time

For the first time, this year’s TWS Annual Conference will provide conference goers with ombuds services to help provide a safe, welcome and inclusive conference for attendees. Jen G. Sims...

October 25, 2022

Kleberg keynote offers big conservation lessons from Texas

Texas offers some unique challenges for conservation. Land ownership is overwhelmingly private in the state, and urbanization and industrial development can leave large footprints on the landscape. But these challenges...

October 24, 2022

Global sea turtle poaching is on the decline

When researchers set out to document sea turtle poaching around the world, they were prepared for the worst. But what they found was a surprising bit of good news. The...

October 14, 2022

TWS conference event shares the stories behind the science

For scientists trained to be objective, it can be a challenge to inject their own opinions about their research. It can be even harder to think about their feelings about...

October 12, 2022

Report shows U.S. bird declines in all habitat types—except for one

More than half of U.S. bird species are declining, with the steepest losses among grassland birds and shorebirds, according to a newly released report. Seventy species are particularly in peril—they...

September 16, 2022

Survey finds strong support for RAWA

A strong majority of Americans from across the political spectrum support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, according to a recent survey. The survey found 70% of respondents back the proposed...