Area of Focus: Hunting and Trapping management

July 3, 2024

JWM: Indigenous knowledge informs Alaska wolf listing

Alaska Indigenous people have lived alongside wolves for centuries

June 20, 2024

Rhode Island bill would ban captive hunting

A second bill addresses collisions with wildlife

May 6, 2024

The May/June issue of The Wildlife Professional

The Beaver Balancing Act: Are these ecosystem engineers saviors or pests?

April 10, 2024

Hunter harvests wolf in Michigan coyote hunt

No wolf had been seen in that part of the state for over a century

April 2, 2024

Will grizzlies and ‘grolar bears’ reduce caribou?

Northwest Territories hunters and biologists are seeing more grizzlies and hybrids

March 29, 2024

Empowering women through Wild Sheep Foundation program

Women Hunt® provides resources and opportunities for women to learn why and how to hunt

March 20, 2024

The March issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin is now available

Articles focus on duck hunters’ bag limit compliance, LGBTQ+ inclusion and more

March 19, 2024

WSB: Photographs can help track sandhill harvest trends

Wildlife managers developed a new tool to help track population data in game birds

March 7, 2024

Canada considers allowing limited sandhill crane hunts

As populations have grown, agricultural damages have mounted

January 3, 2024

JWM: Despite predation, deer numbers in western Virginia are stable

Hunters had feared coyotes and bears were driving down deer populations