ACTWS Membership Recruitment Campaign

When: Now until Aug 4, 2023

Award: $50 gift card + $50 donation to a conservation NGO of your choice

How to participate:

Recruiter = the individual who is recruiting new members to join ACTWS.

New Recruit = is an individual that has never been a member of ACTWS OR has not renewed their membership since Aug 2021.

ACTWS Member = An individual who has paid their ACTWS annual dues for 2023 (included in New Members ticket price for the ACTWS Annual Meeting)

Recruiters, to be considered for the award, your new recruit will need to list your full name when they register for the ACTWS Annual Meeting. To do that, they will select a “New Member” ticket type on the registration page. On the checkout page, they will be asked, “How did you learn about this event,” select “Recruited by a colleague,” and then they will list your name.

If your new recruit cannot attend the meeting but is still interested in becoming a member, have them email us at

The winner is the person whose name is listed most often for NEW Member tickets.

Additional information:

  • Open to all members of the ACTWS (students and professionals).
  • All recruiters and recruits must be current (2023) ACTWS members. ACTWS will verify membership status. If recruiters are not current ACTWS members, they will be excluded from the drawing.
  • The winner will be announced during the ACTWS Business Meeting on August 11, 2023.
  • If a tie occurs, all names with the highest number of recruits will be combined into a drawing, and one name will be drawn randomly.
  • Only one recruit can be counted by each recruiter (recruiters cannot share recruits).

If you have any questions, please contact us at