Dana Kobilinsky

Leeches linked to sea turtle tumors

Leeches on sea turtles may play a role in the reptiles contracting a disease that causes tumors. Scientists already had documented saltwater leeches showing up on loggerheads (Caretta caretta) and green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas).

FYI News

100 sea turtles stranded in Texas

About 100 young green sea turtles have been stranded on the Texas coast due to high tides and flooding that followed May storms. The turtles “just couldn’t beat the waves,” Jesse Gilbert, chief operating officer

Conservation News

Endangered Mexican sea turtles at risk of bycatch

On a Baja California Peninsula beach, sometimes over 1,000 sea turtles a year unexpectedly wash up dead because local fishermen incidentally entangle them offshore. Analyzing these animals’ bones, researchers discovered that these coastal shelf waters