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    • The Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG) is looking for a member-at-large, treasurer, and chair-elect! If you are a member of the REWG or interested in joining, please consider joining our executive board! You can find the position descriptions under the Charter tab and the election nomination form. Feel free to reach out to us at TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com with your nomination form or any questions!
    • Second Friday of each month at 1pm EST the REWG holds their Executive Board Meeting virtually and everyone is welcome to join! Email TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com for call in information.
    • We are still looking for volunteers to join our many committees including: communications, activities, conservation affairs, sponsorship, and operations. Please email us at TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com for additional information or to express your interest in joining!
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April 20, 2023

Upcoming Webinar

The Renewable Energy Working Group is hosting our April webinar on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 3:00 PM (EST).

Title: State Fish and Wildlife Agency’s Perspectives and Priorities on Solar Energy Development

Abstract: The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) represents the collective perspectives of state fish and wildlife agencies (SFWA and provides coordination on a range of programs and species including birds, fish habitat, climate change and wildlife action plans. The important and emerging concern over solar energy development led to the creation of the Solar Wildlife Working Group (SWWG) in 2021 to better understand SFWA needs, concerns, and interests related to utility-scale solar siting. The group is composed of SFWA representatives, non-governmental organizations, and industry representatives who work together collectively assess the potential impacts of utility-scale solar development on wildlife and habitats, share resources and information about existing state siting, monitoring, and permitting processes, compile BMPs and/or certification standards, and coordination and networking among working group members. Towards these goals, the SWWG issued a “Solar Siting Survey” to all 50 states to better understand the concerns and priorities of states as related to utility-scale solar. Here, we will discuss the findings, recommendations, and key priorities of the Solar Siting Survey and highlight the work SWWG has done to promote fish and wildlife conservation in the face of growing solar energy development.

Please register here or contact us for meeting details at TWS.renewableenergyworkinggroup@gmail.com.

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