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  • Announcements
    • The Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG) is looking for a member-at-large and treasurer! If you are a member of the REWG or interested in joining, please consider joining our executive board! You can find the position descriptions under the Charter tab and the election nomination form. Feel free to reach out to us at TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com with your nomination form or any questions!
    • Second Friday of each month at 1pm EST the REWG holds their Executive Board Meeting virtually and everyone is welcome to join! Email TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com for call in information.
    • We are still looking for volunteers to join our many committees including: communications, activities, conservation affairs, sponsorship, and operations. Please email us at TWS.RenewableEnergyWorkingGroup@gmail.com for additional information or to express your interest in joining!
  • Events

    Upcoming events are listed in our quarterly newsletters found here.

  • Webinars

    TWS REWG has a YouTube channel where our webinar series presentations are now available! These will be uploaded monthly so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.