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November 15-17, 2023: Skills Workshop

Measuring forage quantity and quality for herbivores at Texas A&M Kingsville, Kingsville, Texas

The TWS Nutritional Ecology Working Group, in collaboration with Texas A&M Kingsville, are pleased to announce registration is now open for the second skills workshop focused on measuring forage quantity and quality for herbivores. The workshop will include a mix of lectures taught by a diverse panel of instructors, hands-on exercises in the laboratory and in the field, and interactive group problem solving sessions. Our workshop qualifies for 15 continuing education units (CEUs) in Category 1 of the Certified Wildlife Biologist® Renewal/Professional Development Certificate Program. The last day to register is August 31.

Sunday, November 5, 2023: Stable Isotopes Workshop

Introduction to stable isotopes in nutritional ecology at TWS 30th Annual Conference – Louisville, Kentucky

TWS’ Nutritional Ecology Working Group is pleased to announce a workshop at The Wildlife Society’s 30th Annual Conference focused on stable isotopes in nutritional ecology. The measurement of naturally occurring stable isotopes in animal tissues and their diets has become an essential tool in wildlife ecology and nutrition. A detailed understanding of the processes that regulate changes in isotopic ratios (e.g., diet variation, metabolic routing, and isotopic discrimination) has led to diverse insights into animal diets, nutrition, trophic interactions, physiology, and more. Recent advances in analytical techniques and the advent of freely available R packages for isotopic analyses has expanded the opportunities to use stable isotopes in wildlife ecology and nutrition, but it has also resulted in the need for users to be familiar with basic concepts and applications. This workshop will introduce students to the basics of stable isotope biogeochemistry and their diverse uses in animal ecology and nutrition, with an emphasis on practical applications, examples, and recent innovations in statistical software and techniques.


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