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Officers 2021-2022

  • President: Nate Bickford, PhD (for bio, click HERE), nate<dot>bickford<at>csupueblo<dot>edu
  • Past President: Jesse McCarty (for bio, click HERE), jesse<dot>mccarty<at>usda<dot>gov
  • President-Elect: Nate Jones (for bio, click HERE), nate<dot>f<dot>jones<at>gmail<dot>com
  • Treasurer: Matthew Rustand (for bio, click HERE), mrustrand<at>blm<dot>gov
  • Secretary: Mark Fletcher (for bio, click HERE), Fletcher<at>pinyon-env<dot>com

Executive Board – Regional

  • NE Rep.: Sara Kramer (for bio, click HERE), sara<dot>kramer1626<at>gmail<dot>com
  • NW Rep.: Kathy Griffin (for bio, click HERE), kathy<dot>griffin<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • SE Rep.: Cassidy English (for bio, click HERE), cassidy<dot>english<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • SW Rep.: Marcella Tarantino (for bio, click HERE), marcella<dot>tarantino<at>usda<dot>gov

Executive Board – At Large

  • Emily Latta (for bio, click HERE), elatta<at>blm<dot>gov
  • Andrew Don Carlos (for bio, click HERE), Andrew<dot>Don_Carlos<at>colostate<dot>edu
  • Christine Rhodes, Christine<dot>rhodes001<at>gmail<dot>com
  • Casey Setash, csetash<at>rams<dot>colostate<dot>edu

Wildlife Society Affiliates:

  • CSU Student Chapter President: Remi Pattyn, remipattyn<at>yahoo<dot>com
  • CSU-Pueblo Student Chapter President: Angeline Canney, angcanney<at>gmail<dot>com
  • Western State Student Chapter President: Alyssa Rawinski, alyssa.rawinski<at>western<dot>edu
  • CMPS President: Shelly Deisch, Shelly<dot>Deisch<at>state<dot>sd<dot>us
  • The Wildlife Society CMPS Rep: Andrea Orabona, Andrea<dot>Orabona<at>wyo<dot>gov

Current Committees and Chairs:

Past History: