Officers 2023-2024

  • President:Robin Russell, robinrssll<dot>gmail<dot>com
  • Past President:Nate Jones (for bio, click HERE), nate<dot>f<dot>jones<at>gmail<dot>com
  • President-Elect: Casey Setash, casey<dot>setash<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • Treasurer: Adam Beheny, adam <dot>behney<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • Secretary: Mark Fletcher (for bio, click HERE), Fletcher<at>pinyon-env<dot>com

Executive Board – Regional

  • NE Rep.: Jack Grider, jack <dot>grider<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • NW Rep.: Kathy Griffin (for bio, click HERE), kathy<dot>griffin<at>state<dot>co<dot>us
  • SE Rep.: Mary Hiney, mary<dot>k<dot>hiney<at>gmail<dot>com
  • SW Rep.: Marcella Tarantino (for bio, click HERE), marcella<dot>tarantino<at>usda<dot>gov

Executive Board – At Large

  • Emily Latta (for bio, click HERE), elatta<at>blm<dot>gov
  • Emily McCall, emcall<at>blm<dot>gov
  • Erin Bailey , erin<dot>bailey<at>hdrinc<dot>com
  • Courtney King, courtney.king<at>western<dot>edu
  • Mindy Rice, CMPS liaison, rice1min<at>gmail<dot>com

Wildlife Society Affiliates:

  • CSU Student Chapter President: Cameron Sanders, Cameron<dot>sanders<at>colostate<dot>edu
  • CSU-Pueblo Student Chapter President: Lacey Sprouse, lacey<dot>sprouse1<at>gmail<dot>com
  • Western State Student Chapter President: Erik Rathmann, erik<dot>rathmann<at>western<dot>edu
  • CMPS President: , Stephanie Ferrero, president<at>cmps-tws<dot>org
  • The Wildlife Society CMPS Rep: Mindy Rice, rice1min<at>gmail<dot>com

Current Committees and Chairs:

Past History: