2023 TWS Elections: Northeast Representative

This year’s nominees for Northeast Representative to TWS Council are Angela Fuller and Valorie Titus

The Wildlife Society is led by an elected Council composed of a president, president elect, vice president, immediate past president, and eight representatives (one from each identified voting district).

The ballot for The Wildlife Society’s 2023 elections includes nominees for the position representing the Northeast voting district. TWS Council representatives serve a three-year term and can serve up to two consecutive terms.

Additional nominees for this position may be submitted to the CEO by any voting member in good standing, if supported in writing by at least 5% of active members (approximately 550 individuals). The deadline for additional nominations is May 14, 2023.

Electronic ballots will be sent June 1 to all active members with an email address. Members without an email address will receive a paper ballot in the mail. Voting will close June 30. Mailed paper ballots must be postmarked on or before June 30. In accordance with TWS’ Bylaws, newly elected council members are scheduled to be installed at the next regular meeting of Council during the 30th Annual Conference, Nov. 5 to 9, in Louisville, Kentucky.

The candidates’ statements expressing their vision for The Wildlife Society and their interest in running for this Council position are below.


Angela Fuller

My motivation to serve is formed by my desire to give back to TWS, which has been a significant contributor to my professional development. I have benefited from my engagement with TWS for 21 years, serving at the university, chapter, section and national levels. As a TWS Fellow, I seek to actively promote the wildlife profession and TWS through scientific research, conservation and management, and education. I am encouraged by the growing diversity in the wildlife field, and I would like to contribute to move the profession forward toward greater representation in all aspects of diversity to help meet the current and future challenges in wildlife conservation. Engaging with and supporting the development of the next generation of wildlife professionals is important to me.

It is important that TWS and the wildlife profession adapt and change along with our rapidly changing ecological, social and political environment. This complex and uncertain environment forces us as scientists and managers to make challenging decisions. Whether the decisions are related to science-based wildlife conservation and management or decisions regarding the future of TWS, my approach to thinking about problems is influenced by my research in decision science—it is important to understand and define the problem and articulate objectives. I will bring this same thinking if I am elected, seeking to understand the needs of members and that of the Society, and then working to devise creative solutions or strategies that will best meet objectives. I will be a voice to TWS leadership. 

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Valorie R. Titus

I feel that the wildlife field is ever-changing. We are developing new techniques and technologies and attracting a more diverse professional base. While still maintaining our rich history and culture as wildlife conservationists, we need to adapt to the changing world around us. We need to work to encourage and engage our young professionals (and students) and listen to their concerns and needs, while expanding our professional development opportunities for all levels of the profession. Wildlife professionals need to take a strong stance on preserving and conserving our wildlife and wild lands so that future generations can learn and live better than we did. We need to strive as professionals to reach out to the public and our youth to continue the love of the outdoors and all it has to offer. It’s a challenge, in this time of technology, to express the importance of nature, but we are at a critical turning point ecologically. As a member of Council, I will work to create ways to open up our field to a diversity of talents and cultural backgrounds and strive to creatively support all the professionals in this field that want to make the world a better place for all.

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Header Image: Credit: Chris Potako