Complete Your Certification

A great way for Wildlife Professionals to help others.

As stated on the Parent Society’s website  . . .  “the primary objective of the TWS Certification Program is to provide public and private clients and employers more positive access to professional advice in matters concerning wildlife resources.”  TWS maintains a registry of individuals who have undergone a critical peer evaluation and have been approved by the Certification Review Board as a Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB) or an Associate Wildlife Biologist (AWB).

CWB – individual who has completed acceptable educational and experience requirements.

AWB – a preliminary step for an individual who has completed the educational requirements, but not the experience requirement.

Holding a certificate from The Wildlife Society places you in a category distinct from other wildlife professionals due to the integrity of the organization and the high standards of the certification process.  You earn credibility and respect, which offers you an added advantage when applying for jobs, in public forums, and in legal proceedings.


South Dakota currently has 32 Associate or Certified Wildlife Biologists:

Althoff, Peggy S.
Antonides, Bill
Baker, Nate
Bessken, Charlene
Dieter, Charles D.
Dowd-Stukel, Eileen
Flanders-Wanner, Bridgette L.
Gabbert, Andy E.
Gigliotti, Larry M.
Grovenburg, Troy
Hubbard, Daniel E
Huffman, Louis E
Jackson, Warren
Jenks, Jonathan
Kirschenmann, Thomas Ray
Klaver, Robert W
Lehman, Chad P
Linder, Raymond L
McJunkin, Jared W
McLaughlin, Patrick L
Olawsky, Craig Donald
Paintner, Wayne W
Podoll, Erling
Reed, Kristine A
Rupp, Susan
Schmidt, Cheryl
Sharps, Jon
Smith, Art
Smith, Bill
Smith, William K
Solomon, Kenneth
Switzer, Chad T
VanDeHey, Breanna L