Membership in SDTWS is open to anyone having an interest in the Wildlife of South Dakota. SDTWS maintains an Equal Opportunity Policy.

Annual membership dues for SDTWS are $10.00 per year ($6.00 for students).   Further inquiries, or checks made payable to SDTWS, may be mailed to:

SDTWS Secretary-Treasurer
Mandy Pearson
Adventure Trail
Rapid City, SD 57702

Membership Form

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Life Membership

One way to show your commitment to the South Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society is to get a life membership.  Dues are prorated by age as follows:

Age 20 to 35:  25 x annual dues                   ($10 x 25 = $250)

Age 36 to 45:  20 x annual dues                  ($10 x 20 = $200)

Age 46 to 65:  17.5 x annual dues                ($10 x 17.5 = $175)

Age 66 to 75:  12.5 x annual dues                ($10 x 12.5 = $125)

Age 76 and over:  Free

For more information on becoming a life member, contact Chuck Pyle at (605) 353-5753.

Meetings and Activities:

The full membership of SDTWS meets annually in the spring to exchange scientific information through presented papers, debate current issues in wildlife management and land use, and conduct chapter business.

The Chapter’s Executive Board of Directors meet at least 4 times each year to discuss issues that do not require full Chapter approval.

The Chapter also communicates with its membership though a newsletter, The Prairie Voice, published within 30 days of Executive Board meetings.  The newsletter includes board meeting minutes, committee activity reports, a summary of Chapter correspondence, updates on professional conferences, and profiles of Chapter members.

SDTWS pursues a wide range of activities involving wildlife and habitat.  SDTWS members work to safeguard and  enhance the wildlife resources of South Dakota by drafting resolutions on issues affecting wildlife and land use; educating state and national legislators, and members of private industry; presenting papers at professional meetings;  and publishing articles in professional and popular journals.  SDTWS sponsors symposia/conferences and makes donations to aid a variety of causes directly related to wildlife resources and their ecology and management in South Dakota.