Wildlife Management Excellence Award

Each year during its annual meeting, the Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society (SETWS) may present the Wildlife Management Excellence Award to recognize excellence in wildlife management activities carried out within the member states of the SETWS.

Persons making nominations must be current members of the SETWS; however, nominees need not be members. Nominations may include either an individual or group and evaluation of nominees will be based upon a single management achievement, not a “lifetime service” that has been accomplished in the field of wildlife management.

Examples of management achievements worthy of the award include (but definitely are not limited to) activities such as an exceptional break-through in bringing back an endangered species, the rapid (over a few years) development of a management area due to an individual or group effort, a major effort in stopping a particularly environmentally damaging project or an extension education effort that results in substantial and measurable change in private landowner acreage set aside for wildlife use.

Nominations should be submitted following the nomination format below and will be reviewed by a five-member committee. The committee is seeking nominations of individuals or groups who have performed “above and beyond” in their nominated category with good quantitative data to support the nomination.

The deadline for nominations is August 1 of each year and should be emailed directly to the Chair of the WMEA Committee or the current SETWS President. The recipient will be presented with the Wildlife Management Excellence Award at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society. Your participation is vital to the awards programs of the SETWS and is greatly appreciated. We all are aware of the multitude of deserving individuals and groups within our essential profession. As such, please take the time to nominate these deserving professionals.

Wildlife Management Excellence Award Nomination Form

I. Date:

II. Nominee contact information:

Title and Agency

III. Nominator contact information:

Title and Agency

IV. Descriptive title of achievement:

V. Quantitative information on the achievement:

Please provide a short description of the nominee’s achievement in the following categories where applicable. This information may be attached on additional pages or inserted where appropriate as an electronic file.

1) Conservation and management benefits

a) Species influenced
b) Area (acreage) influenced
c) Regional impacts
d) Other

2) Educational benefits

a) Target audiences
b) Estimated size of audience reached
c) Other

3) Scientific contributions

a) Dissemination of information through reports, manuals, publications or other media
b) Influence on management policies
c) Other

4) Brief description of economic benefits

VI. Narrative description of the achievement (1-page)

VII. Letters of support (2-3)

Please submit nominee(s) by mail or e-mail to the Chair of the Wildlife Management Excellence Award Committee or the President of the Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society by August 1.