Area of Focus: Habitat Ecology

June 15, 2023

TWS2022: Thai mushroom craze may fuel pangolin trafficking

Foragers find more than mushrooms among the termite mounds

June 14, 2023

Pacific Northwest cougars can island hop

The discovery offers a new understanding of how cougar populations may be connected

June 13, 2023

Colombia’s invasive hippo problem may have doubled

The hippos descended from ones kept by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar

June 12, 2023

As the avian flu spread, its severity grew

Researchers found the virus is usually severe in mammals

June 12, 2023

Watch: Recovering relict leopard frogs

The rare frogs were once thought to be extinct

June 8, 2023

To protect black terns, follow their migration

Focusing on the breeding grounds may not be enough

June 7, 2023

WM: Treating sagebrush doesn’t aid sage-grouse

A new Wildlife Monograph questions this management approach

June 5, 2023

For ducks in the Prairie Pothole Region, timing is everything

Agriculture and climate are reshaping the landscape

June 2, 2023

Snake sightings shore-ly surprising for beachgoers

Species like cottonmouths and Burmese pythons sometimes turn up on beaches

May 30, 2023

Black-backed woodpecker model informs fire management decisions

Black-backed woodpeckers prefer a mosaic of burns after a fire