Area of Focus: Endangered Species

March 12, 2024

Newfoundland marten downlisted as population grows

Once considered endangered, it is now listed as vulnerable

February 29, 2024

Wild Cam: Building a community of turtle conservationists in Kerala

Researchers who once knew little about Asian giant softshell turtles are now protecting them in southern India

February 13, 2024

UN report finds a fifth of migratory species are at risk of extinction

Nearly half of species’ populations are declining

February 9, 2024

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service holds course on wolf protections

The Service also announced a national recovery plan for the species

February 1, 2024

Colorado’s native pollinators at risk

One in five native bumblebee species are imperiled

January 30, 2024

Bird flu suspected in at least one penguin death in Antarctica

The case raises concerns about the impacts of H5N1 in the region

January 30, 2024

JWM: Translocated lemurs do well in new home

A population of endangered collared brown lemurs has grown two decades after reintroduction

January 26, 2024

Watch: California’s newest wolf pack howls for the camera

The Yowlumni Pack was discovered last summer in the Sequoia National Forest

January 19, 2024

Kenya seeks to relocate 21 black rhinos

The critically endangered species requires large areas to roam

January 17, 2024

Drones and AI can improve wildlife monitoring efforts in Botswana

A view from above can help tackle alternative methods for wildlife population counts including black and white rhinos