Area of Focus: Birds

July 24, 2023

N.Y. to study nonlead ammo to benefit eagles

The state is recruiting hunters for a multiyear study

July 11, 2023

Watch: For seabirds, plastic poses a danger even far from shore

Swirling gyres pose deep-sea plastic risks

July 7, 2023

Montana eagles face widespread lead exposure

Their lead levels are highest in months directly following hunting season

July 6, 2023

As the climate warms, spring comes early and birds raise fewer young 

For some birds, the growing mismatch could be catastrophic

June 30, 2023

This endangered bird is evolving to adapt to climate change 

Over the past century, the southwestern willow flycatcher’s genome has changed

June 21, 2023

Survival of ‘akikiki may come down to good mate choice

Captive breeding program is finding ways to improve the success of program for endangered Hawaiian honeycreepers

June 21, 2023

Watch: Tracking curlews across their migration

North Dakota biologists are trying to better understand this iconic bird

June 12, 2023

As the avian flu spread, its severity grew

Researchers found the virus is usually severe in mammals

June 9, 2023

Sound pollution may affect bird beak brightness  

Traffic noise in early life of hatchlings may be a developmental stressor

June 8, 2023

To protect black terns, follow their migration

Focusing on the breeding grounds may not be enough