Area of Focus: Birds

February 27, 2024

Strategic grazing could boost declining sage-grouse

In the right conditions, grazing can benefit insects the bird depends on

February 21, 2024

Southern birds are replacing northern species in Canada’s protected areas

These areas may offer a steppingstone to birds fleeing warmer temperatures

February 21, 2024

Bobcat populations struggle in portions of New York

Using remote cameras, researchers found “concerning trends”

February 20, 2024

Arctic gulls choose fast food over organic meals

Researchers turned to machine learning to find out where short-billed gulls were showing up in Fairbanks, Alaska

February 20, 2024

Canada funds citizen science effort to help researchers monitor birds

The funding supports Birds Canada’s NatureCounts efforts

February 12, 2024

Tidal marsh sparrows lose unique genes

Adaptive traits have allowed the birds to survive a harsh environment

February 7, 2024

Digging into the science of snags

Standing dead trees are important components for wildlife

February 5, 2024

TWS 2023: Can bird-repellent lasers be more eye friendly?

Researchers are examining whether technology to reduce crop damage may be improved

February 1, 2024

Bird feathers shed insight into renewable energy casualties

Using stable isotope analysis, researchers can find the origin of birds that died at wind and solar facilities

January 30, 2024

Bird flu suspected in at least one penguin death in Antarctica

The case raises concerns about the impacts of H5N1 in the region