Alaska COWCH Project

Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage (COWCH) Project

The Alaska Chapter is working with TWS (main/international level) to record interviews of influential wildlife biologists, educators, managers, and other pioneers who have made a significant contribution to wildlife conservation on a borough, state, or national level in Alaska. The COWCH project was established to document the history and evolution of our profession by interviewing the people who were around when it all started.

There have been several COWCH interviews completed with individuals that have made a contribution to wildlife conservation in Alaska.  Completed interviews have been done by the Alaska Chapter, The Wildlife Society (main/international level), and other state chapters. A list of those interviewed and links to their videos are located below.

The Alaska Chapter has identified other potential contributors to the wildlife profession in Alaska and plans to interview those people in the near future. If you know any Alaskan wildlife professionals (still in our outside of Alaska) that would be ideal candidates to interview or if you are interested in helping conduct interviews, please fill out this short survey at this link Alaska COWCH Project Nominee’s.  The survey will help us compile a list of people to focus interviewing efforts.  We would greatly appreciate any assistance with conducting the interviews, particularly for those Alaskan pioneers who are no longer in state.  If you are interested we will work with you to make the interview a success.

If you have any questions or are interested in being on the Alaska COWCH Project committee, please contact twsalaska<at>gmail<dot>com.

Completed Interviews:

Richard H. Bishop
John  Burns, Sr.
Kathy Frost and Lloyd Lowry
Chuck Gray
Samuel J. Harbo, Jr.
David James
Jim King
Dave Klein
Cal Lensink
Jack Lentfer
John Morrison
Sigurd T. Olson
Jim Rearden
Joe Want
Wayne Regelin
Will Troyer
Robert Weeden 
John Trent

Mike Spindler (retirement talk)
Bob Stephenson (memorial)
David Klein (memorial)
Listing of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service oral history interviews for Alaska
Alaska Conservation Foundation hall of fame