Wisconsin drafts new wolf plan

The plan calls for maintaining about 1,000 wolves

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released a revised draft of its wolf management plan, which recommends holding the state population at about 1,000 wolves. The draft updates a plan released in November that didn’t set a population goal, opting instead for advisory committees to recommend policies based on local wolf (Canis lupus) numbers. The new draft still doesn’t set a hard goal, but its guidelines consider 800 to 999 wolves as a stable population. Lower numbers suggest the population could be allowed to grow. Higher numbers suggest it should be reduced.

“This plan comes from years of dedicated effort and careful consideration, is flexible, actionable, and, most importantly, outlines a path toward responsible and sustainable wolf management,” said DNR Secretary Adam Payne in a statement.

The DNR’s Natural Resource Board is scheduled to vote on the draft on Oct. 25.

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Header Image: A draft plan calls for maintaining about 1,000 wolves in Wisconsin. Credit: Wisconsin DNR