Watch: Rare wolverine sighting in Utah

A feisty carnivore known for its anonymity has been spotted far south of its normal range. Footage of a wolverine (Gulo gulo) has surfaced from Antelope Island State Park in Utah just west of Salt Lake City. The video accompanied a report sent to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on May 4 of the sighting, and state biologists are confident the video shows one of the carnivores, which typically aren’t found much in the lower 48 states at all, and rare even in the states north of Utah. Nonetheless, several confirmed sightings have occurred in the past five years, including a carcass of a female hit by a car and a photo captured of one in 2014 in the Uinta Mountains. “Wolverines are very rare to see because they are largely nocturnal, and they travel quickly, typically not staying in one area long enough to be found or seen,” said DWR wildlife conservation biologist Adam Brewerton in a press release. “We believe this wolverine sighted on Antelope Island is just passing through since Antelope Island does not have suitable habitat. It is always exciting to hear of wolverine sightings in the state and especially when we have video evidence.” The animals are protected by state law, according to the Utah wildlife agency.

Read more at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources News.

Header Image: A wolverine was spotted in Antelope Island, Utah. Courtesy of James Shook