TWS members receive Sustainable Forestry Initiative awards

Two TWS members recently earned 2019 Sustainable Forestry Initiative Awards at the SFI Annual Conference for their conservation work on forests.

Emily Jo Williams, vice president for migratory birds and habitats at the American Bird Conservancy, was one of the recipients of the SFI Conservation Leadership Award. She was recognized for her “leadership in facilitating projects that illustrate conservation values on lands certified to the SFI standards or affected by SFI Fiber Sourcing.” Williams is also a past president of the TWS Southeast Section and a TWS Fellow.

Miller with SFI Conservation Leadership Award recipient Emily Jo Williams. Image Courtesy: Darren Miller

Another TWS member, T. Bently Wigley, received the SFI Dr. Sharon Haines Memorial Award for Innovation and Leadership in Sustainability. Wigley is a retired vice president of the forestry programs at the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI). “Wigley’s contributions to wildlife and forestry science are extensive and will be influential for decades to come,” spokesperson Daniel Pellegrom said in a release. “He was instrumental in setting the precedent for robust, well-designed and impactful research within the forestry sector.”

Members should check their mailboxes for the upcoming issue of The Wildlife Professional, which focuses on forest conservation, including work from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Header Image: Immediate past TWS President Darren Miller (right) stands with SFI award winner T. Bently Wigley (middle) and Erik Schilling, director of southeastern forestry research for the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement. Courtesy: Darren Miller