TWS Awards: Chapters and advisor recognized for TWS awards

The Wildlife Society recognizes two chapters and one advisor for their contributions to the wildlife profession

Chapters of The Wildlife Society help continue the Society’s mission at more targeted levels, whether it’s a chapter at a school or in a state/province. Two chapters and an individual were singled out for their high achievements this year, earning them awards from The Wildlife Society.

The Texas State Chapter received the Chapter of the Year award. The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point earned the Student Chapter of the Year award. And Robert Brewer was named the Student Chapter Advisor of the Year for his work at Cleveland State Community College.

The Texas Chapter, founded in 1965, has been dedicated to hosting various events and workshops to promote certification and continuing education for wildlife professionals. This past year, it put on its 59th annual meeting, hosting nine workshops attended by more than 250 members, focusing on topics from new skills, to learning about local flora and fauna. Its involvement in legislative and policy issues has also helped earn the Texas Chapter this accolade.

That included working hard on the management of chronic wasting disease and other conservation concerns. “Our members have worked to ensure that members of the state legislature are fully informed of the scientific context of this disease and the management options available to them,” wrote TWS member Mikayla Killam in her nomination letter for the chapter. “While CWD has been a significant issue that requires much attention, the chapter has not ignored other developing issues around the state and has worked to provide unbiased scientific context when possible.”

Student chapters of TWS also work annually to benefit conservation and management while providing experience to its younger members. The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point earned this title this year after its involvement in a number of wildlife conferences, as well as having 22 student-led projects, including a woodcock project that gives students boots-on-the-ground management experience. The chapter has also supported public education about conservation through teaching fourth graders about Wisconsin animal adaptations and history.

But student chapters wouldn’t exist without their advisors. This year, Robert Brewer won the title of Student Chapter Advisor of the Year. Brewer, the advisor for the Cleveland State Community College Student Chapter of TWS, has provided volunteer opportunities for students, encouraged certification by TWS and has expressed contagious passion for wildlife conservation. He particularly helped students become a part of the Student Wildland Adventure Program, a program that provides attendees understanding of ecology and management practices, and encourages inclusivity and open-mindedness.

“His passion for diversity and inclusion fosters a safe environment for the women to feel as though they are more welcome in a male-dominated field,” wrote student Krystal Enlow. “He holds his students to high expectations in regards to punctuality, respect and accountability, promoting these desirable qualities in his students for future employment.”

Header Image: The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point earned the Student Chapter of the Year Award for 2023. Credit: UWSP Wildlife Society via Facebook