TWS, APU Strategic Partner relationship creates savings for members

Members of The Wildlife Society will now receive a 5 percent discount on tuition at American Public University as a benefit of the new Strategic Partner relationship between the two organizations. The program will provide members at all stages in their careers an excellent opportunity to enhance professional development and earn college credit, all while saving money.

The discount applies to any number of fish and wildlife management, environmental and even business programs, both graduate and undergraduate, and the savings equate to $13.50 per credit hour for undergrad programs and $17.50 for graduate programs (with even lower rates for military members).

“American Public University is the first Strategic Partner to create a new member benefit that will help our members save money,” said Ed Thompson, the Society’s chief operating officer. “Taking even just one course through APU can provide members with enough savings to cover 50 percent or more of their annual membership dues.”

Among the applicable programs are Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management, a program in which students complete the necessary coursework to apply for Associate Wildlife Biologist status. Members will also receive discounts for several bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business related fields, and those members already with degrees can receive graduate or undergraduate certificates for other areas of concentration in fish and wildlife management.

In addition to discounted tuition, the APU textbook grant covers the cost of all required undergraduate books. As a TWS member, students who enroll at APU can have their credits from other institutions evaluated and transferred (if applicable) at no cost and will have free access to the university’s career coaching staff and up to 10 hours of online tutoring.

Learn more about the program on APU’s TWS Strategic Partner landing page, where you can find the enrollment application and admissions page. When filling out the application, select “TWS – The Wildlife Society” in the “Memberships” field on the enrollment application.

Click image to enlarge.APU Application Screenshot

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.06.01 AMOnce you are enrolled at APU, and you have selected “TWS – The Wildlife Society” in the “Membership” field, you will be eligible to receive the discount. When registering for classes you will see a TWS verification at checkout acknowledging your affiliation. In acknowledging this, the TWS tuition grant and the reduced costs will appear on your bill during the checkout phase of registration.

For those already enrolled at APU, learn how to change the “Membership/Association” status in your student records, or follow these easy steps to apply the TWS member tuition savings:

  1. Log onto eCampus
  2. Under the “My Personal Information” menu on the left, click “Change Contact Information.”
  3. Scroll toward the bottom of the page, and next to the “Career Information” section, click the blue “Edit” link.
  4. Update your “Membership/Association.” Select “TWS – The Wildlife Society” on the drop-down list.
  5. Click “Submit” to save your changes.

Click image to enlarge.APU Student Records

APU is also a longtime sponsor of TWS’ Annual Conference. Don’t hesitate, apply today and take full advantage of your membership and this new Strategic Partnership program!