The Wildlife Professional, the membership magazine of The Wildlife Society, publishes dozens of articles contributed by wildlife professionals and students each year. This award helps recognize and highlight the value contributing authors bring to the magazine and TWS members each year.

The award annually recognizes the author(s) and their published article that is selected as the Best Contributed Article.

Award Nomination Process and Criteria

The Selection Committee will consider all published articles written by one or more authors in a single volume (calendar year) of The Wildlife Professional. Publication of an article in The Wildlife Professional constitutes its nomination; no other nominations will be considered.

All contributed and invited articles published in the magazine are considered. Articles led or written solely by TWS staff are not eligible.

Articles will be judged by the Selection Committee based on:

  • Quality of writing
  • Content or subject matter of the article
  • Impact on the wildlife profession

The Wildlife Professional Best Contributed Article Award Recipients

2023 Mary M. Rowland, Michael J. Wisdom, Darren A. Clark, Bruce K. Johnson. 2022. A Legacy of Science and Partnerships: For over 25 years, the Starkey Project has conducted policy-shaping research on deer and elk. The Wildlife Professional 16.1:34-39.
2022 Morgan, J. J., S. P. Pauley, P. Johansen, and C. Rhoden. 2021. A Changing Landscape: Reimagining conservation on private lands. The Wildlife Professional 15.3:50-54.