The world’s tropical ecosystems face trouble

Biodiversity in tropical ecosystems throughout the world face dramatic declines, unless drastic measures are taken, according to a new study. These declines are due to climate change, habitat loss, pollution, overfishing, hunting and other human impacts. The researchers said exploitation by industrialized countries plays an improtant role. With the tropics including almost all shallow-water corals and over 90 percent of terrestrial birds, scientists say if actions aren’t taken, the ecosystems will face a large biodiversity loss. In a study published in Nature, scientists call for a multinational effort to protect and preserve biodiversity in the tropics.

Read the study here.

Header Image: More than 90 percent of terrestrial birds, including toco toucans (Ramphastos toco), live in tropical ecosystems. These ecosystems face drastic biodiversity loss if actions aren’t taken. ©M M