The July/August issue of The Wildlife Professional

Untouchable Methods, Unparalleled Data: Noninvasive techniques yield new insights into wildlife

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Handling wildlife can be a critical part of studying and managing wildlife. Biologists use mist nets and traps, attach tags and collars, take tissue samples and perform health checks. But some of the most intriguing data can come without touching the animals at all. In the July/August issue of The Wildlife Professional, our cover story looks at some of these noninvasive techniques used to study wildlife, from camera traps to eDNA, and the remarkable insights they can provide.

Also in this issue, writers provide differing perspectives on mutualism and wildlife, inspired by TWS’ Annual Conference in Spokane last year. Other articles look at the often unsung role of women in waterfowl conservation, conserving the common tern in the Great Lakes, tracking predators by algorithm, and more.

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Header Image: Carrina Maslovat prepares to collect eDNA swab samples for sharp-tailed snakes to see if DNA from the snakes can be detected in the field. Credit: Laura Matthias