Thank you to our conference sponsors!

The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and year-round partners. We’d like to thank our silver sponsors listed below. Please take a moment to check out all of our sponsors here, and be sure to visit them during the conference to learn about their products, services and efforts!

Bass Pro Shops (Silver Sponsor)

Guided by the visionary leadership of our founder and CEO Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops is making a significant impact on the future of conservation. Ever since Johnny began connecting people with nature through a tiny bait shop in the early 1970s, we continue inspiring everyone to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors.

Virginia Tech University (Silver Sponsor)

The mission of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech is to significantly contribute to fish and wildlife resource conservation and management at state, national, and international levels through integrated programs in research, teaching, and engagement.

VECTRONIC Aerospace (Silver Sponsor)

Vectronic Aerospace offers high-quality GPS collars and connected products for wildlife telemetry studies across the globe. Choose from a range of communication and sensor options to produce a high-grade GPS collar tailor-made for your study animals and research needs.

Weyerhaeuser Company (Silver Sponsor)

For more than a century, Weyerhaeuser has been growing trees and making forest products that improve lives in fundamental ways. We manage our millions of acres of forests on a continuous and fully sustainable cycle. We are responsible stewards of our land for multiple uses, including recreation, conservation, economic development and different forms of renewable energy.

Wildlife Drones (Silver Sponsor)

At Wildlife Drones, our proven and award-winning radio-telemetry technology is here to help you radio-track animals like never before. We empower wildlife researchers and managers to track multiple animals in real-time, rapidly track across challenging landscapes and collect vital data for less effort.

Global Wildlife Resources (Silver Sponsor)

Dr. Mark Johnson, DVM, is wildlife veterinarian, instructor, and CEO of Global Wildlife Resources (GWR). GWR is offering the most current and extensive training in Dr. Mark’s online course, The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture. The self-paced training is packed with images and videos demonstrating wildlife handling techniques. Dr. Mark’s interactive support customizes the course to meet your needs. Registration is always open. Created for the international community.

Wildlife Biology (Silver Sponsor)

A non-profit society owned open-access journal promoting a scientific basis for the conservation and management of wildlife and of human-wildlife relationships.

National Wildlife Federation (Silver Sponsor)

America’s experience with cherished landscapes and wildlife has helped define and shape our national character and identity for generations. Protecting these natural resources is a cause that has long united Americans from all walks of life and political stripes. To hunters, anglers, hikers, birders, wildlife watchers, boaters, climbers, campers, cyclists, gardeners, farmers, forest stewards, and other outdoor enthusiasts, this conservation ethic represents a sacred duty and obligation to protect and build upon our conservation heritage for the sake of wildlife, ourselves, our neighbors, and—most of all—for future generations.