FYI News

Plague infects Yellowstone cougars

Cougars in the United States have been contracting the same bacteria that causes the disease that killed a number of the people throughout the world in the mid-14th century, the bubonic plague. Researchers studying cougars

Dana Kobilinsky

What puts detection dogs on the wrong scent?

Detection dogs are becoming more prevalent as a technique for wildlife biologists. Their noses sniff out scat that can provide clues to wildlife presence and movement. But they’re not always so accurate. Sometimes, between 4 to 45 percent of the time, the dogs’ findings are for nontarget

Conservation News

Human voices scare away pumas

They may look big and tough, but pumas (Puma concolor) might be as afraid as humans as many humans are of them. In a new study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B,