Dana Kobilinsky

Bears may protect foxes from coyotes

Black bears in Lake Tahoe may be inadvertently protecting lower-ranking carnivores — gray foxes — from nearby coyotes. The Nevada Department of Wildlife has funded a project following black bears (Ursus americanus) that are repopulating

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A win-win for farmers and wildlife?

Researchers are proposing what they hope will be a mutually beneficial solution both for low-income farmers in developing countries who are trying to protect their livestock from endangered predators and for conservationists trying to protect

Dana Kobilinsky

Lack of sea otters hurts Alaskan reefs

A combination of climate warming and loss of sea otters is harming the reefs that underpin Alaskan kelp forests in the Aleutian Islands. “Despite the fact that the Aleutian Archipelago is remote and largely uninhabited,