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August 1, 2016

New coyote added to LA urban coyote study

The National Park Service’s Los Angeles Urban Coyote Project, which was launched over a year ago in May, has recently added a new coyote to its study. Biologists are tracking...

December 21, 2015

Coyote Sterilization Program in N.C. Protects Red Wolves

A sterilization program to stop coyotes from hybridizing with the only wild population of red wolves in the world has been successful so far, according to new research. “Coyote genes...

October 23, 2015

Human Food Diet Not Linked to Coyote-Human Conflict

The coyotes responsible for killing Canadian folk singer, Taylor Mitchell in 2009 had a low diet of human-produced food, according to surprising new research that throws conventional wisdom on its...

A coyote looks at a camera trap in South Mountain Gameland, N.C.
July 6, 2015

House Cats Avoid Coyote Haunts: Wild Cam Series

There’s a trick to conserving nine lives, and a new camera trap study shows that it may involve domestic felines having prudence when it comes to keeping out of coyote...

April 30, 2015

Mange Might be Causing More Coyote-Human Interactions

Coyotes living with mange, a contagious skin disease that’s identified by thinned out hair especially on their tails, are more likely to be drawn to human food and other anthropogenic...