2014 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society was held on November 12-13 at the Pee Dee Research and Education Center in Darlington, SC.  The first day consisted of presentations based on the theme “Advances in Wildlife Management, Monitoring, and Research Techniques”.   During the Business Meeting, reports were provided by various committees and the Clemson University and Horry Georgetown Technical College student chapters.  Also during the business meeting, Outstanding Student, Professional Wildlife Management, and Lifetime Achievement awards were presented.  The first day concluded with an evening social and catered barbeque dinner.  The second day started with field demonstrations that included the use of drones, control methods for feral hogs, the identification of native plants in longleaf pine forests, and harvesting and planting techniques for native plant seed.  That afternoon a “BioBlitz” was conducted by various natural resource professionals within different habitats of the Pee Dee Research and Education Center.  Species documented (see below) during the BioBlitz included 45 birds, 5 mammals, 2 crayfish, 3 mussels/snails, 10 reptile/amphibians, 8 freshwater fish, 23 invertebrates, and 112 plants.

Native seed harvester demonstration
Native Grass Harvester

Native plant identification


Fish shocking during BioBlitz


Pee Dee Research and Education Center – Bioblitz 11/13/14

Birds (45)

6-American Crow

1-American Goldfinch

1-American Kestrel

70-American Robin

1-American Woodcock

2-Belted Kingfisher

1-Blue Jay

40-Brown-headed Cowbird

5-Carolina Chickadee

1-Carolina Wren

15-Cedar Waxwing

34-Chipping Sparrow

75-Common Grackle

2-Coopers Hawk

1-Dark-eyed Junco

37-Double-crested Cormorant

1-Downy Woodpecker

13-Eastern Bluebird

3-Eastern Phoebe

5-Eastern Towhee

1-Field Sparrow

1-Golden-crowned Kinglet

1-Great Blue Heron

1-Hairy Woodpecker

4-Hooded Merganser



65-Mourning Dove

1-Northern Flicker

2-Northern Harrier

4-Northern Mockingbird

1-Pied-billed Grebe

2-Pileated Woodpecker

2-Red-bellied Woodpecker

1-Red-headed Woodpecker

1-Red-tailed Hawk

100-Red-winged blackbird

1-Ruby-crowned Kinglet

31-Song Sparrow

10-Swamp Sparrow

5-Turkey Vulture

2-White-throated Sparrow

2-Wild Turkey [feather; tracks]

1-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

22-Yellow-rumped Warbler

60-unidentified sparrow sp.

200-unidentified mixed blackbird/grackle flock sp.

Mammals (5)

1-Beaver [slide]

1-Gray Squirrel

1-Raccoon [dead]

1-River Otter

2-White-tailed Deer [at least 2 sets of tracks]

Crayfish (2)

1-Procambarrus sp. [immature male]

1-Procambarrus sp.

Mussels & Snails (3)

1-Fingernail Clam (Sphaerium sp.)

1-Planorbid Snail

1-Ram’s Horn Snail

Reptiles & Amphibians (10-12)

3-Cottonmouth [2 adults, 1 juvenile]

1-Florida Cooter

1-Green Anole

4-Green Treefrog

1-Ground Skink

1-Leopard Frog

1-Slimy Salamander

50-Southern Cricket Frog (Acris gryllus)

1-Two-lined Salamander

1-Worm Snake

Misc. turtle bones, probably slider

Tadpole of Ranid sp., probably Leopard Frog

Freshwater Fish (8)

1-American Eel

1-Banded Pygmy Sunfish (Elassoma zonatum)


2-Dusky Shiner

100-Eastern Mosquitofish

2-Redear Sunfish

1-Redbreast Sunfish

2-Redfin Pickerel

Invertebrates (Terrestrial and Aquatic) (23)

1-Buckeye [butterfly]

5-Creeping Waterbug (Hemiptera: Naucoridae)

1-Damselfly sp. (Odonata: Coenagrionidae: Enalagma sp.)

1-Death Watch Beetle (Nicrophorus tomentosus) [on dead raccoon]

2-Dragonfly sp. [Skimmer- same species; nymph stages] (Odonata: Libellulidae)

1-Fat-faced Jumping Spider

3-Field Cricket

1-Hairy Rove Beetle (Creophilus maxillosus) [on dead raccoon]


40-Ladybug Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

1-Leech sp. (Hirudinea)

1-Long-jawed Spider (Aranea: Tetragnathidae: Tetragnatha sp.)

1-Phantom Cranefly (Diptera: Ptychopteridae)

1-Pine Sawyer Beetle [dead]

2-Predatory Diving Beetle [2 species] (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

1-Rattailed Maggot (Diptera: Syrphidae)

1-Sawfly sp. (Hymenoptera larva)

2-Shorthorn Grasshopper [2 species] (Odonata:Acrididae)

1-Sleepy Orange [sulphur butterfly]

5-Water Scavenger Beetle (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

Red wasp? [nest]

Plants (112)

Allium sp.
American Beautyberry
American Beech
American Holly (Ilex opaca)
Baggy Knees Grass/American cupscale
Bald Cypress/Swamp Cypress
Beaked Panicum
Beauty Berry
Beggar’s Lice sp.
Black Gum (Nyssa biflora)
Black Willow
Blue Mistflower
Blunt-Leaf Rabbit Tobacco, Everlasting
Bushy Lespedeza
Carolina Indigo
Catbrier, Fringed Greenbriar
Chinese Lespedeza, Sericea
Cinnamon Fern
Cottongrass Bulrush/Woolgrass
Dog Fennel
Dwarf Spike-Rush
Ebony Spleenwort
Elephant’s Foot, Devil’s Grandmother
Elliott’s/Long Bristle Indian Grass
False Nettle
Flowering Dogwood
Frost Aster, Whiteheath Aster
Giant Cane
Goldenrod sp. (Solidago sp.)
Goose Grass
Grass-leaf Golden Aster, Narrow-Leaf Silk Grass
Hairy Lespedeza
Highbush Blueberry
Horse Sugar
Horsebriar, Greenbriar
Japanese Honeysuckle
Lamp Rush
Little Bluestem
Lizard’s Tail
Loblolly Pine
Long-Leaf Pine
Longleaf Woodoats
Marsh Pennywort sp.
Meadow Beauty sp.
Mockernut Hickory
Muscadine Grape
Netted Chain Fern
Nodding Beak Rush
Partridge Pea
Post Oak
Primrose sp.
Purple Lovegrass
Red Bay
Red Maple
Rough Buttonweed
Royal Fern
Saw Briar
Scrubby Post Oak
Shortleaf Pine
Showy Love Grass
Silver Plume Grass
Slender Goldentop
Slender-Leaf Pinweed
Smartweed sp.
Smooth Tick-trefoil
Southern Red Oak
Southern Rockbell
Spanish Moss
Spike-Rush sp.
Split-Beard Bluestem, Silverbeard
Spurred Butterfly Pea
Swamp Spanish Oak/Cherrybark Oak
Sweet Goldenrod
Sweet Pepperbush
Tag Alder
Tall Lespedeza
Three-Awn Grass sp.
Tropic Croton
Trumpet Vine
Tulip Poplar, Yellow Poplar
Vasey’s Grass
Virginia/Slender Bush Clover
Water Meal
Water Oak
Wax Myrtle/Southern Bayberry
White Oak
Willow Oak
Winged Elm
Winged Sumac
Witchgrass, Ticklegrass
Yellow Jessamine
Yellow-Eyed Grass sp.