Sandhill Crane Chick

Sandhill Cranes Workshop in Elk Grove California

The Sacramento-Shasta Chapter of TWS will be hosting a workshop about sandhill cranes in Elk Grove California with an add-on field option February 17-18th, 2015. The workshop will be taught by species researchers, California State agency personnel, and Federal agency personnel. Topics include life history, regulatory requirements and protections, research and management, and survey protocols and techniques.

The Sacramento-Shasta Chapter of TWS was first organized in July 1966. They serve members in 23 counties of California and encompass a large range of ecosystems. To learn more about this chapter of TWS visit their website and Facebook page.

Early registration rates ($175 Members, $195 Non-members, $95 Students with additional costs for the field session) are available until February 2, 2015. Afterwards, rates will increase for members and non-members. For more information and to register click here. If you have questions please contact or Melinda Dorin Bradbury at

Header Image: Image Credit: Bill West, USFWS