Moose calf

Researchers to Revisit Moose Study

After two years of struggling to study moose calves, Minnesota wildlife researchers plan to give the moose calves study another try this year after working out a few issues. Last summer, researchers collared 25 calves to determine the cause of die-offs, but most of them were abandoned by their mothers and had to be rescued, or their collars fell off. The remaining calves were eaten by wolves. This year, researchers plan to study why the Minnesota moose population is dwindling by capturing a larger sample size and tracking the calves’ early years of life. Read more about the Minnesota moose study at

Header Image: A moose calf that is only a few days old wears a GPS collar as part of a Minnesota moose calves study. The moose studies were unsuccessful the past two years, but wildlife researchers plan to study them again this year.
Image Credit: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources