Report outlines the world’s use of animals and plants

About 50,000 species of wild animals and plants benefit billions of people around the world, according to a recent international report, but the growing global biodiversity crisis threatens those contributions. The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services report looks at the sustainable use of wild species around the world. Produced by over 200 contributing authors and holders of indigenous and local knowledge, the report found that rural people are most at risk from unsustainable use and most likely to be forced to exploit wild species at risk.

A full report will be released in upcoming months, Nature reports, and follows a 2019 IPBES report that named wildlife exploitation one of the biggest drivers of biodiversity loss.

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Header Image: Deforestation, pictured here in Malaysia, is among the threats to biodiversity noted in a recent international report. Credit: IPBES