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History and Goals

Goals of Working Group include:

  • Enhance cooperation among native, state, provincial, and federal government agencies related to wildlife management issues.
  • Facilitate communication and exchange of information among members of TWS interested in wildlife management issues facing native people.
  • Enhance knowledge and technical capabilities of wildlife professionals in natural resource issues that affect native people.
  • Promote projects and programs that benefit wildlife resources and enhance wildlife management opportunities for native people.
  • Encourage native students to pursue careers in wildlife professions.
  • Increase public awareness and appreciation of traditional native knowledge regarding wildlife and wildlife management.
  • Educate people on the cultural, spiritual, and subsistence values of wildlife to native people.
  • Enhance awareness of Federal Trust responsibilities of Federal agencies to native people.
  • Assist TWS in preparing position statements and policies related to issues that affect native people.
  • Maintain a cooperative relationship with the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society


Any member of The Wildlife Society is eligible to join this working group, and no tribal affiliation is required in order to participate. Working group dues are waived for students. You may join our Working Group by logging in to your TWS account.