Mountain goats relocated to the North Cascades

Crews are relocating hundreds of mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) from Olympic National Park to habitat in the North Cascades. Park officials say this will help protect natural resources, reduce visitor safety issues and boost goat populations in Washington state. The relocation was part of a plan approved by Olympic National Park officials to capture and move 375 goats to areas of the North Cascades where they are native. Goats within the park had been eating and trampling vegetation, disturbing soil and bothering people on trails, the Associated Press reports. The animals were examined and collared with tracking devices before being sent via truck and ferry to their new habitat. Park officials say about 275 to 325 remaining goats in the park that can’t be caught will eventually be shot and killed.

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Header Image: Hundreds of mountain goats were relocated to native habitat in the North Cascades. ©U.S. Forest Service-Pacific Northwest Region