Last caribou in continental U.S. sent to Canada

Idaho and Washington’s forests are home to only six remaining caribou (Rangifer tarandus), but soon they will have none at all. That’s because the caribou will soon be introduced to their new home in Canada. While wildlife officials worked hard to reintroduce the caribou into the states, gray wolf (Canis lupus) and cougar (Puma concolor) predation kept the numbers down. Officials think they will thrive better in Canada, where biologists hope to breed the caribou in captivity north of British Columbia. If the breeding project is successful, the Spokesman-Review reports, the caribou population may roam into the U.S. eventually. But for now, this means no more caribou in the continental United States.

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Header Image: The remaining caribou in the lower 48 states will be relocated to Canada. ©NPS/Jacob W. Frank