Just one northern spotted owl remains in Canada

Two owls released last year have died and a third was injuired

The Canadian population of northern spotted owls has dwindled to one. Two owls that had been released into British Columbia last year were found dead. Their deaths follow the injury of a third bird that had been released. It was hurt last August after possibly colliding with a train. Now just a lone female remains.

The Spuzzum First Nation worked with the province of British Columbia to release the northern spotted owls (Strix occidentalis caurina) in hopes of recovering the species. “We took on this challenge together, and we will continue to keep on the intended path,” Spuzzum First Nation Chief James Hobart said.

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This article has been updated to reflect that the third bird was injured, not killed, after possibly colliding with a train.

Header Image: British Columbia’s northern spotted owl population has dwindled to one. Credit: B.C. Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship