For TWS member Amber Travsky, adventure calls

Travsky is heralded as “one of Wyoming’s most accomplished outdoors enthusiasts”

Wildlifers know Amber Travsky for her biology bona fides. A longtime TWS member, she runs Real West Natural Resource Consulting, working with government agencies and industry on endangered species and other issues. But Travsky has plenty of other claims to fame, Cowboy State Daily reports. She’s a former mayor of Laramie, Wyoming, a ninth-degree blackbelt in karate, the founder of the Tour de Wyoming cycling event, and she’s making plans to compete in swimming in the National Senior Games.

“She’s one of Wyoming’s most accomplished outdoors enthusiasts, having cycled, climbed, hiked or otherwise explored virtually every corner of the state she was born in,” writes outdoor report Mark Heinz. And, Heinz adds, “she has no plans to slow down anytime soon.”

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Header Image: TWS member Amber Travsky is an accomplished wildlife biologist and an outdoor enthusiast in her native Wyoming. Credit: Amber Travsky via Facebook