Area of Focus: Public Land Management

July 16, 2024

USFWS plans to cull 450,000 barred owls to help native species

Project aims to stymie loss of California and northern spotted owls

July 12, 2024

Reports show SpaceX skirted wildlife concerns   

Debris from rockets has blasted across public lands

July 3, 2024

JWM: Indigenous knowledge informs Alaska wolf listing

Alaska Indigenous people have lived alongside wolves for centuries

July 1, 2024

Snowmobiles affect bird songs

Researchers compared the way that snow machine noise silences bird songs in Yellowstone National Park

June 21, 2024

Q&A: Missing wolves, forgotten landscapes and lost knowledge

A recent study suggests that, like ecosystems, science was reshaped by the loss of wolves

June 14, 2024

Yellowstone calls for slightly larger bison herds

The proposal offers a middle ground on herd sizes

May 8, 2024

Florida OKs conservation area swap

The agreement affects the Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area

February 28, 2024

The EXPLORE Act aims to revolutionize recreation, conservation and public lands management

The bill proposes several initiatives to expand public land access and conservation

December 5, 2023

USFWS expands hunting, phases out lead ammunition at specified refuges

The final rule opens up archery deer hunting at three wildlife refuges and phases out lead ammunition and tackle at eight over the next several years

October 20, 2023

The Department of the Interior announces two new wildlife refuges 

The Wyoming Toad Conservation Area and Tennessee’s Paint Rock River National Wildlife Refuge are the newest additions