Area of Focus: Biological Diversity

May 7, 2024

Climate change becoming main driver of global biodiversity declines

Land-use change historically has been the main factor

April 22, 2024

Can biodiversity boost mental health?

Researchers found greater wellbeing was associated with more diversity

April 8, 2024

TWS comments on biodiversity-focused National Wildlife Refuge System management

A proposed USFWS policy change would impact the management of biological integrity, diversity and environmental health

February 13, 2024

UN report finds a fifth of migratory species are at risk of extinction

Nearly half of species’ populations are declining

October 4, 2023

New partnership seeks to ‘biobank’ endangered species

The USFWS and others are working with Revive & Restore to preserve genetic material

September 18, 2023

Researchers call for biodiversity monitoring system

The Global Biodiversity Observing System would track the effects of climate change on species

September 15, 2023

Watch: Researchers comb the desert for the cryptic Arizona night lizard

The lizard isn’t nocturnal, but it is hard to find

September 13, 2023

Biden cancels controversial oil and gas leases in the Arctic

The move will help preserve Arctic lands and wildlife, the Biden administration says

September 11, 2023

Russian park introduces bison

Wildlife managers seek to recreate ancient ecosystem roles

September 6, 2023

Large national parks bolster surrounding ecosystems

Two studies show the ways that protected areas improve the natural world outside their borders