Emily Thoroski earns Conservation Education Award

By David Frey

Emily Thoroski received the TWS Conservation Education Award. She was recognized for her video “Why Do Wildlife Matter” and the song she composed for it, “We Decide.” Credit: Courtesy Emily Thoroski

Emily Thorosky has received TWS’ Conservation Education Award. She was recognized for her work creating the video “Why Do Wildlife Matter?” as part of her honor’s thesis at the University of Manitoba and for the accompanying song she composed, “We Decide.”

“Emily’s passion for inspiring others has always been evident,” wrote Jessica Lang, who served with Thoroski on the executive committee of the Manitoba Chapter and nominated her for the award.

For her video, Thoroski interviewed TWS members and other wildlife professionals about why wildlife matters from a scientific and personal point of view.

“The impact is professional yet moving and sometimes poignant,” the awards committee concluded, and the song she composed “was an extra touch that encapsulated the depth of her commitment and reiterated the message of her video.”

The video was presented at last year’s joint annual conference of TWS and the American Fisheries Society in Reno, and at the joint conference of the Canadian Section and Alberta Chapter of TWS. The video “offers a unique perspective on the value of wildlife,” Lang wrote, and the song “aims to inspire others to take action in preserving the environment.”

“The road ahead is a challenging one,” Thoroski sang, “but believe me, the best is yet to come. What do we want to leave behind? We decide.”

You can see “Why Do Wildlife Matter” and watch Thoroski perform “We Decide” here.

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