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Welcome to the Drone Working Group

The primary mission of the Drone Working Group of The Wildlife Society is to provide support and information to those in The Wildlife Society that use small unoccupied aerial systems (sUAS), or more commonly called drones, in natural resources/wildlife research and management and to see the use of this technology in our profession move forward professionally, ethically, and legally. The Drone Working Group works to increase awareness of drones for conducting wildlife management and survey activities and to promote their safe and ethical use by users in universities, federal and state governments, and the private sector, including non-governmental organizations. The working group provides networking and communication opportunities for wildlife professionals working with drones in wildlife management, research, and education and any other facet of drone use that would benefit from discussion and transfer of information between like-minded users. The working group conducts special sessions and workshops at The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference and other forums.

Click here to view the Drone WG charter.

Contact: Chair Rick Spaulding at Rick.Spaulding@mantech.com.