Canada, B.C. governments release draft conservation agreement

The governments of Canada and British Columbia have developed a Draft Conservation Agreement for the Conservation of the Southern Mountain Caribou. The Southern Mountain Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou), an ecotype in Southeastern B.C., are listed as threatened under the Species at Risk Act. The plan establishes actions over the next five years to support the conservation of the Southern Mountain Caribou, with an initial focus on the Central Group, one of three distinguishable population units. The agreement emphasizes collaboration between the federal government, the province of British Columbia, and any relevant First Nations. The plan highlights the need for a landscape-level approach and adaptive management, and specifies both short term and long term goals — including increasing the Central Group population from around 220 individuals to at least 800 individuals after 50 years.

Comments on the plan can be made until Jan. 5, 2018. See the Species at Risk Public Registry for more information about how to submit comments.

Header Image: ©NPS /Jay Elhard