Brazilian high school students committed to conservation

High school students throughout Brazil agree that conservation is important, and they strongly disagree that conservation is the responsibility of rich countries alone, a survey found. Researchers surveyed students ages 14 to 16 in more urban areas of north Brazil as well as those in more industrialized south and southeastern regions of the country. Students in thenorth expressed more interest in studying the local environment than those in wealthier areas. The team believes these regional differences are a result of greater exposure to indigenous culture in urban Amazonia. They also believe these students have more experience with environmental problems, including dark daytime skies due to burning forests. Currently, high school biology classes in Brazil often overlook the country’s diverse native plants and animals, the researchers said, in favor of charismatic species from other continents, like elephants and giraffes.

Header Image: he golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosali) is an endangered species in Brazil. Researchers found that high school students throughout the country agree that conservation is important. Credit: cuatrok77