Asian giant hornets spotted in Washington

Washington State Department of Agriculture workers are on the lookout for Asian giant hornets after a recent sighting. Team members set traps in the area in an attempt to tag it hornets track them to the nest. Last Saturday, a team tried to track two hornets. One hornet lost its tracker. The search for the other hornet is still ongoing. The sighting occurred about two miles from the site where state workers removed a nest last October. Because the location is about a half mile from the Canadian border, the government of British Columbia is also monitoring for the insect. Sometimes known as murder hornets because of their method of killing prey, the invasive insects can pose a threat to honeybees and native bees. This year’s first report was a dead insect found north of Seattle. Agriculture officials believe it was likely from a previous season.

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Header Image: A Washington State Department of Agriculture team captured and tagged a pair of Asian giant hornets in hopes of tracking the hornets back to their nest. Credit: Washington State Department of Agriculture