An anthology of stories by wildlife biologists now available

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is excited to announce that The Wildlife Confessional anthology, a collection of short stories by dyed-in-the-wool wildlife biologists that endeavors to show the humor and poignancy in our day-to-day adventures that sometimes define and enlighten the profession or that, sometimes, we’d rather forget, is now live.

The anthology is a collection of fifteen stories by thirteen biologists, including Western Section members Brian Cypher, Ivan Parr, Matthew Bettelheim, and the late Thomas A. Roberts. It also includes contributions by published authors Marcy Cottrell Houle (Wings for my Flight, One City’s Wilderness, The Prairie Keepers) and J. Drew Lanham (The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature), and a memoir of the late Dr. Charles Jonkel, co-founder of the Great Bear Foundation.

The authors whose stories have been collected here represent men and women from all walks of wildlife biology – State and Federal biologists, consultants, students, professors, interns – and take place across North and Central America, from the Gulf of Alaska to San Ignacio, Belize, from the tropics of the Hawaiian Islands to the deserts of Arizona, and in the desert springs, coastal bluffs, national parks, stock ponds, pick-up trucks, traplines, doctor’s offices, roof tops, outhouses, and bombing ranges scattered everywhere in between.

At a cover price of $20 paperback / $10 ebook, our intermediate goal is to sell 250 copies by February 28th, so we are counting on TWS and Section members to help spread the word.

This anthology is a labor of love. One of the primary reasons the authors and editors behind The Wildlife Confessional have undertaken this project is to educate and attract students to enter the field of wildlife biology and to apply money raised through book sales to support student involvement in The Wildlife Society by funding scholarships, grants, and training opportunities. Your support will help us realize those goals.

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Header Image: ©Aftab Uzzaman