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The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference is widely regarded as the largest and most important technical meeting for wildlife professionals and students in North America, perhaps the world. Connect with other wildlife professionals, students, and enthusiasts to engage in over 1,000 educational and networking opportunities.



Being a member of The Wildlife Society expresses your support for wildlife science and gives you access to our science-based journals: The Journal of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Monographs, and Wildlife Society Bulletin.

The Journal of Wildlife Management, published continuously since 1937, is one of the world’s leading scientific journals covering biodiversity, climate change, competition, conservation, diseases that influence populations, ecology, economics, genetics, habitats, habitat restoration, human-dimensions, human-wildlife interactions, hunting, landscape ecology, management, sustainable use, quantitative approaches to ecology, and models, among others.

Wildlife Monographs, published since 1958, are single-topic, peer-reviewed studies on specific problems and issues in wildlife science, management and conservation.

Wildlife Society Bulletin is a fully open-access, peer-reviewed publication containing papers related to wildlife management, law enforcement, education, economics, administration, ethics and more.


Join a local community

Networking has become critical to career development, job opportunities, collaboration, research, developing best practices, and effective advocacy at national, regional and local levels.

The Wildlife Society has built one of the most effective wildlife networking programs through the combination of our annual conference, TWS sections and chapters across North America and our working groups.


Advance wildlife policy with the Conservation Affairs Network

The Conservation Affairs Network engages and unifies the efforts of The Wildlife Society, its 200+ units, and more than 15,000 members to advance wildlife conservation policy issues at national, regional, and local levels.

The Conservation Affairs Network enhances the effectiveness of our entire Society by increasing communication, collaboration, and coordination between our chapters, sections, and TWS headquarters. Establishing better connections among the individual units of TWS is part of a larger strategic effort that will propel our entire Society into the future as a stronger organization and make each of us more effective at achieving our mission.

Latest News

From The Wildlife Society

TWS’ news center features the latest wildlife science and conservation news. Stay up to date with coverage from around the world.

June 17, 2024

The July issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management is now available

Articles focus on wolverine density, barn owl nest occupancy and more

June 17, 2024

Texas kills 249 deer amid CWD scare

“This is a task we never take lightly,” the agency said

June 14, 2024

Artificial water sources help migrating cranes

Reservoirs, stock ponds and flooded meadows provide water in parched landscapes


The July issue of the Journal of Wildlife Management is now available

Articles focus on wolverine density, barn owl nest occupancy and more

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Policy and collaboration for wildlife agency professionals

Our members and vast network of wildlife agency professionals make up a large portion of The Wildlife Society. We know how important it is to stay connected with your industry, near and far, and encourage wildlife professionals to get involved in local chapters and sections and working groups. We also invite wildlife professionals to attend and present at our annual conference or seek publication opportunities in one of our publications.

Advancing opportunities for early career professionals

The Wildlife Society is here to support professionals beginning their careers in the wildlife science industries. As you get started in your career, we offer early career professionals a discounted membership, access to our Early Career Professional Working Group, and encourage you to utilize our job board and certificate programs to enhance your resume experience and continue learning after graduation.

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Education, networking and career development for wildlife students

The Wildlife Society encourages students majoring in, or interested in, wildlife sciences to get involved with student chapters and take advantage of our student membership! We have numerous educational resources to help you with classes, networking opportunities, and early career development tools to get you ahead of the curve.


Grow your resources and professional network with TWS’ membership. Our members support the wildlife profession and gain access to our huge network of wildlife professionals and students through local sections and chapters, working groups, and wildlife events across North America and beyond. Additionally, our members have access to our publications, bookstore, and discounted rates to our prestigious annual conference.

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Becoming a member of The Wildlife Society is one of the best choices you can make during your journey as a wildlife professional. Grow your network, participate in professional development opportunities, browse our numerous resources and publications and more. Membership is open to wildlife professionals, students and supporters who are interested in wildlife science, management and conservation. Join online to take full advantage of the benefits of TWS membership and to show your commitment to sustaining healthy wildlife populations and habitats for generations to come!